Photo Credit: Now & Forever Photography

Photo Credit: Now & Forever Photography

Being a Mom has made me really tired and so happy.
— Tina Fey

It began one winter day in 2019. I was running around my house, toddler in toe, tipping coffee on the floor, dog barking as the door bell rang. “I’m running, I’m running all over, I’m running on real estate”, escaped my lungs as sweat began to form on my face. Of course those weren’t the words I was actually trying to say, but any sleep deprived mom will tell you how words jumble and word vomit becomes your primary language. Lucky for me this odd sentence gave me an idea and with the encouragement of a friend, Running on Real Estate was born. This blog is meant to help individuals navigate real estate, parenthood, and life style. I’m a licensed real estate salesperson that enjoys offering helpful tips in a stressful market. I’m also a huge advocate of home staging, decor and more (all things I will post about regularly).

As for parenthood and life style, I’m just a clueless as any other person out there, but my hope is you’ll find encouragement and hilarity in it all.

My goal is to make whoever stumbles on this blog to smile. So grab a coffee, beer, wine (whatever you’re into these days) and enjoy.

Real Estate Agent

|crazy person|

NOUN a person who sells and rents out buildings and land for clients.

ORIGIN North America



NOUN a woman in relation to her child or children

VERB give birth to